Massachusetts Community Colleges Go Open Grants: Round 1 Call for Proposals

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Massachusetts Community College Faculty Go Open Grants: Call for Proposals!


Massachusetts Community Colleges “Go Open” initiative is seeking grant proposals from Massachusetts Community College faculty who want to replace their current publisher materials with open educational resources (OER).  By supporting open education, faculty can significantly lower the costs of textbooks for students.  For more information on the statewide initiative and to view the project summary, please visit the MCC Go Open website.

Proposals may be submitted in four categories based on levels of adoption:

Adopt – Level 1

Redesign your course to incorporate an existing open textbook or open course content as is.  

  • 1 Faculty member: $300

Adapt – Level 2

Remix existing open educational resources and create new open content to bridge gaps in available resources to enable a fully open course. New content may add missing chapters to existing OER or create ancillaries such as quiz question banks, lecture slides, or lab manuals.

  • 1 Faculty member: $750
  • 2 or More Faculty Members: $1500 (stipend split between faculty members)

Build – Level 3

Create a substantially new open textbook or fully open course where it is possible to demonstrate that quality resources are not currently available to meet learning objectives.

  • $2,500 (faculty will split stipend if more than one person participates)

Propose – Level 4

Propose a different kind of project not covered by the three categories above.   

  • 1 Faculty member: $750
  • 2 or more faculty members: $1500

All applications must relate to a specific course which results in the course having NO additional costs for required textbooks for students.  Faculty must commit to running their courses solely using OER for at least one full academic year.


Applications are welcome from Massachusetts community college faculty. Applications are encouraged for courses that contribute to certificate and degree pathways that are within the limitations of TAACCCT GPSTEM 4.

List of eligible courses

Requirements for grant recipients:

  • Participate in Getting Started with OER training– multiple delivery methods of this training will be offered in Fall 2016.
  • Share your work with an appropriate Creative Commons open license so that others can easily adopt and reuse.
  • Provide electronic copies of all work developed as part of this grant with an appropriate CC-BY open license by the deadline stated in the application. All materials will be uploaded to SkillsCommons – a free and open repository created by the US Department of Labor’s TAACCCT program.
  • Work with your MCC Statewide Coordinators or your local OER Representative to develop a timeline of deliverables, payment schedule, and assessment data.
  • Publicize your work by providing MCC Go Open with updates; participating in webinars, workshops, and professional meetings.
  • Attend the 2nd annual MCC Go Open event in June 2017.
  • If you are applying for level 2, 3 or 4 grant, you will also be required to present your project at the MCC Go Open event in June 2017.

Proposal Evaluation:

  • Student savings
  • Quality considerations such as accessibility of proposed content, support for user experience and curriculum, appeal for future adoption in other settings, and demonstrated need to create new rather than reuse (if applicable)
  • Department commitment (for example, redesign all sections of a class or all classes in a sequence)
  • Multi-institutional commitment (collaborators on more than one community college campus)
  • Feasibility of project as proposed 

Round 1: Completed application forms are due on October 1, 2016. The grant committee will notify applicants by October 15, 2016. Project timelines may vary but must be completed by June 1, 2017.

The grant evaluation committee is made up of members of Massachusetts Community Colleges Go Open Council.

Submit proposals here by filling out the online application form! View a PDF version of online application form.

It is strongly encouraged that you use this faculty planning worksheet to develop your ideas before applying for a grant.

The GPSTEM project is funded by a $20,000,000 grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, Grant # TC-26450-14-60-A-25. This product was created by the grantee and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the U.S. Department of Labor.