How do I add a Films on Demand video from the NECC Library?

Visit the Library's Films on Demand page

Posting a Link

You may post the permanent link (Title URL) for a Films On Demand video within the Blackboard LMS in order to correctly share it.
You may obtain the permanent URL (Title URL) by navigating to the following location within the Films On Demand account:

  • Title URL -> Located at the bottom of the video display page(the page where the video plays) of any film title under the "Title URL" caption.
  • If you want to share a segment of a video then the permanent link (Segment URL), after you have selected the segment on the right-hand side of the video display page under the <Segments> tab, is located at the same location but it will be listed under the "Segment URL" caption.

If you are accessing from on-campus, then you will be taken directly to the video. If you are accessing from off-campus, then you will be taken to your institution's log-in portal first (only once) to verify that you belong to the school and then taken directly to the video.

Embed Code

You may click on the <Embed> link which is located beneath the video player on the view video page (the page where the video plays) where you may then copy the listed embed code for the video and post it within your institution's Blackboard LMS so that the video will play within the Blackboard LMS.

When integrating Films On Demand content into Blackboard LMS by embedding videos,  a form of authentication called the Embed Code Referring URL authentication is used.

The Embed Code Referring URL authentication has been enabled for NECC's Blackboard (https://neccbb.blackboard.com) thus users are able to play the embedded videos, once the standard "Embed Code" and not the "Alternate Embed Code" is used, without being prompted to enter a Films On Demand username / password. This applies whether they are on-campus or off-campus as long as they have already logged into Blackboard.

For more information on Films on Demand visit http://support.infobaselearning.com/index.php?/FOD

How to I make my Blackboard course available to my students?

Prior to the start of the semester courses in Blackboard MUST be made available to your students. Click Here for step by step instructions.

Why is my chatroom in Blackboard not working?

In order to use the chatroom feature in Blackboard, Java must be installed and activated on your computer.

* The latest Java version 7 update 51 is currently not working with Blackboard. Please use version 7 update 45 until further notice. If you already have a newer version of Java installed then uninstall it first before installing version 7 update 45.

Is it possible to adjust the time given to a student with learning disabilities in a Blackboard exam?

Yes, you will need to make a copy of the quiz with the desire time duration and assign it to the student(s).

Click Here for step by step instructions.

How do I hide course(s) from My Blackboard page?

Click Here for step by step instructions for managing MyBlackboard.

What is Blackboard Mobile Learn?

Blackboard Mobile Learn is a mobile App available to download on most smartphone and tablet devices. Using the App instructors and students can access all current Blackboard course content. Mobile Learn can be customized to meet each individual needs with features such as receive/send announcements, reply/post discussions, take exams, and check grades.

How do I copy course content and settings from a previous course to my new course?

Click Here for step by step instructions to copy a previous course to your new course shell.

How do I login to my Blackboard account?

For Student:
Enter your "My NECC ID" exactly as shown on your official course schedule.

MyNECC ID: This is an 8 digit student ID number. You can find this ID number on your student schedule or other college documents.
Use your current "MyNECC" password to log in to Blackboard


For Faculty:
Your Blackboard username and password are the same as your NECC e-mail and myNECC portal.

When are you open?

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