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Tk20 is a platform that offers tools for assessment, program review and accreditation planning, learning outcomes measurement, document sharing, and strategic planning. The several Tk20 components available at NECC include:

  • Accreditation management
  • Planning Tools:
    • Strategic planning module
    • Assessment planning
  • Blackboard Coursework: connect Tk20 within a Blackboard course to allow students to upload their work directly into Tk20.
  • Juried Assessment: collaborate with faculty in scoring artifacts using a common rubric.
  • Reporting: generate multiple reports on data collected from processes completed in Tk20 (i.e., coursework grading, juried assessments, planning, and much more).

Tk20 Planning Tools

The Planning tab In Tk20 helps with all institutional planning efforts and facilitates the creation of missions, goals, outcomes, and objectives for individual organizations at an institution. Functionalities include juried assessments, curriculum map, SWOT analyses, budget administration, and other strategic and assessment-related activities (Source: Tk20)

Tk20’s assessment tools offer faculty more straightforward methods and procedures to collect student artifacts, conduct norming sessions, generate reports, manage academic program reviews, and view real-time dashboards on students’ coursework scores. 

  • Easily collect student artifacts across courses by integrating Tk20 into a Blackboard course
  • Simple rubric-based scoring for student work with real-time dashboard visualization of scores
  • Collaborate with colleagues in scoring a collection of student artifacts using Tk20’s Juried Assessments
  • Have a systematic and centralized approach to prepare for program review and institutional accreditation

Best Practices for using Tk20

  • Access Tk20 through the MyNECC portal
  • Use the most recent versions of our recommended internet browsers (see next question)
  • DO NOTuse the browser back button
    • Instead, navigate using the tabs and menus within Tk20
  • DO NOTsign into Tk20 in multiple tabs or windows
  • Wait until a page fully loads before taking a subsequent action
    • Look for the spinning circle!
  • Check the HelpDesk webpage if you need help completing a task
  • Always log out of Tk20

Source: Tk20 Helpdesk

For more assistance on using in Tk20 in your courses or department-wide collaboration, contact the Center for Instructional Technology Staff at