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Course Design & Development

Course Design & Development

When designing online courses or enhancing a traditional course, it is essential to think about the components involved in the design process.

We offer training in instructional design course and curriculum development services such as designing effective PowerPoint presentations and course materials, crafting effective discussion questions and following best practices for online pedagogy. We also offer multimedia development and design services.


iTEACH is a faculty development program that provides an opportunity to learn to design a pedagogically sound and interactive online or hybrid course. Its primary focus is to develop a solid foundation which will enable you to evaluate and analyze all aspects of your curriculum and change the way you and your students interact in and out of the classroom. iTEACH will provide both pedagogical and technical instruction to best adapt and integrate learning technologies into your curriculum.

iTEACH is an exclusive program for qualified full and part time faculty who are expanding their teaching to the online format. iTEACH is an intense 2-week online course that will provide you with foundational knowledge for constructing your online or hybrid course. Each unit is informational and is designed to provide an introduction and overview of the topic that will later be implemented during the course building process. Each unit will contain one or more competency-based assessments. Once all competencies are met, the learner will receive a certificate of completion.

Goals of iTeach:

  1. Explain the elements of an online course and what quality online courses require to be constructed and implemented.
  2. Recognize the value of developing learning objectives or competencies to establish a foundation upon which the rest of the course is based.
  3. Compare the nature and pitfalls of formative and summative assessment in an online environment.
  4. Identify methods of constructing, finding, and bringing content into an online course as well as presenting it in an engaging and effective way to learners.
  5. Discuss the importance of interaction and collaboration in engaging students in an online course.
  6. Recognize and prepare to apply the laws of copyright and accessibility in an online course.
  7. Develop strategies for managing an online and hybrid course.

Designing a Course Shell in Blackboard

This online course is designed to teach you how to construct a Blackboard course shell for use as a companion with your face-to-face class. The modules of this course will both inform you of best practices in design and show you how to build your course using our Blackboard 9.1 learning management system. This course consists of two parts, each containing several modules spanning over 10 days. In Designing an Information Site in Blackboard (Part 1), you will complete assignments that will result in the actual construction of a completed course information shell that is ready for users. This course will be facilitated by a CIT staff member; interaction with other faculty members will be encouraged

Coaching & Training

We offer faculty training through a coaching model and it has proven to work well for our faculty.
It is a hands-on interactive approach to where we focus on a specific skill or course issue and work with you to facilitate your learning until you have mastered the skill or achieved your course goal. Individual or group coaching sessions are available by request.

  • Individual – one-on-one coaching sessions based on your course needs
  • Group – providing training to department on utilizing CIT services
  • Workshops – Blackboard, Clickers, Wikis, Streaming Media, Social Media, and Emerging Technology